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A Medically Endorsed, Practical Program to Achieve a Healthy Weight, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol,
Blood Pressure and Mindset.

More than 25,000 people have experienced dramatic and positive results.

Our diet-obsessed culture...

Promotes one fad after another, leaving us feeling confused about what to eat and how to become physically active. GetFit21 is a proven approach, one that combines science-based education, daily coach interaction, and a supportive community. This program empowers you to step
into a healthy lifestyle.


A Healthy Mindset

We are surrounded by a world of ingrained bad habits, addictive behaviors and unhealthy food choices.
Our objective is to help you develop a new mindset about health, wellness and healing. We believe a healthy lifestyle promotes appropriate nutrients for optimal brain function, stress management and good sleep patterns. We’re here to support you in creating and following a positive lifestyle plan.
A healthy body starts with the right mindset.

The Program Includes...


You will work with a Certified GetFit21 Health Coach, an accountability partner, dedicated to caring about you every step of the way; someone who understands the process of creating new habits and will inspire you to stay focused to reach your goal.


You’re welcome to pursue ANY exercise program you’d like during your 21 days. But if you’re looking to challenge and strengthen your body, you will enjoy our professionally developed bodyweight guides and easy to follow video routines.


Fresh and nourishing food is the foundation to long-term good health. Working with thousands of clients has taught us that science-based supplements integrated with evidence-based coaching and nutritionally balanced meal choices can make habit change easier. Our medically endorsed supplements, recommended by physicians for more than 20 years, have academic research studies published in prestigious medical journals and the Physicians Desk Reference.

Tools and Resources

Track your daily progress with our Meal Tracking APP.

The Community

Be part of a community sharing similar goals in our Private Facebook Group. Enjoy a daily email providing additional helpful
tips and audio lessons.


Not everyone may be comfortable in a group setting on a private Facebook page. Some people need to learn healthy habits in a different setting. Each coach has the ability to customize a "one on one program" for you. Same curriculum. Same science.
Same effective supplementation.

Simple Education

Educating you is a primary objective. Included in your program are simple, downloadable guidebooks educating you on health, weight loss, exercise, recipes and food choices.


Proven … 21 Days to Make or Break a Habit

It’s long been reported by researchers that it takes 21 days for a person to make or break a new habit if they put forth a daily and consistent effort. We embrace this theory because we witness impressive results every 21 days with the GetFit 21 program. When you improve your habits,
you improve your health.

Our Corporate Team – Pioneers in Wellness

For 3 decades, our team of scientists, professors and wellness professionals have consistently worked to stay progressive and evolve the science behind their products and programs. They use research and innovation to empower people with education, support and supplements, to take responsibility for their health and quality of life. Serving 50 countries, we are making life better all around the world.